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Abalone Seashell | Green Abalone | Seashells 

Buy quality green abalone seashells. Our abalone shells are great for craft, smudging, nautical, shell decor and more. We have an assortment of abalone shells in stock. We carry green abalone, red abalone, pink abalone shell, blue abalone, polished abalone, rainbow abalone and drilled abalone for pendants! We also have craft haliotis shells. Additionally, we sell smudging/sage kits. We sell in bulk, wholesale discount.   

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 You Polished abalone can be found here: http://www.shelloutlet.com/polishedshellsandplates.html

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NOTICE: We will be closed from May 6 - May 13. Orders placed after May 2 will begin shipping the week of May 16.

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