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Welcome to Caribbean Imports online store. We are located in Tampa, Florida and are an established online supplier of wholesale seashells, seashell home decor, craft supplies, craft seashells, seashell jewelry, polished sea shells, bulk seashells, sand dollars, bulk sanddollars, dried lavender, sea stars, bulk starfish, bulk sea glass, bulk coconut cups, purple barnacle, seashell wedding favors, nautical decor, abalone, coconut shells, capiz  de,=  , craft supplies, coconuts, botanical, air plants, dried sealife, Tarpon Springs sponges, dried coral, purple barnacle, coastal home decoration, shell home & wall decoration, wedding favors, craft supplies & nautical decor, dried purple barnacle, shark teeth and jaws, seahorse, seashell curtains, strands & swag, coral, table decor, seashell lights & lamps, sea glass, jewelry, jewelry boxes, capiz seashells, nautilus & abalone, murex seashells, bulk mix seashells, urchin, craft sand, dried starfish, and more!

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Wholesale Seashells Packs

(pink conch, drilled shells..)

wholesale seashells, pink conch, clam

Nautilus & Murex Seashells

pearl nautilus, nautilus seashell, chambered nautilus, Large Seashells

All Seashells

(conch, pecten, abalone..)

seashells, scallop, wholesale shells


Bulk Seashells, Seashell Craft Mix

(Some with free shipping!)


seashell mix, craft shell mix, large seashell mix, seashells

Preserved Flowers, Dried Botanical

(Lavender, Sage, Silk Flowers..)

Dried Lavender, Bulk Lavender, Botanical, Essential Oil  

Air Plants 


air plant urchin, air plants, sea urchins

Real Coconut Shells (BULK)

(Bamboo, Coconut, Cups)

Coconuts, Real Coconut, Whole Coconut, Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Cups


Coconut Wine Cups

coconut cup, coconut shell, coconut wine glass

Real Sponge, Bath Supplies

(Goat Milk soap, bath salts)

Goat Milk Soap, Natural Bath Salts, Soap, Beach Towel, Sponge

Real Dried Purple Barnacle

(reef barnacle, craft supply)

purple barnacle, barnacles

Seashell Wedding Decorations

(cake topper, favors, toothpicks)

seashell wedding ideas, favors, beach wedding supply

Capiz Shell Table Decor

(plates, bowls, napkin rings)

capiz platter, capiz napkin rings, capiz table decor, capiz

Seashell Table Decoration 

(cowrie shell coasters, placemats, napkin rings)

cowrie seashell placemat, cowrie coasters

Cowrie Shell Coasters, Placemats

Seashell Cowrie Coaster, Cowrie Coaster, Cowries, Seahsell Coaster

Seashell Garland & Shell Curtains

(Seashells, Starfish)

seashell curtains, seashell strands, shell garland, starfish garland

Seashell Valance and Swag

Seashell Valance, Seashell Swag, Shell Curtain, Seashell Curtains

Real Dried Coral & Rock

(Blue Ridge, Mushroom, Red Pipe...)

dried coral, barnacles, white coral

Purple Barnacle, Dried Barnacles

Purple Barnacle, Barnacle, Barnacles, Dried Barnacle

Seashell Table Lamps

(Nautilus, Urchin, Conch...)

seashell light, urchin lamp, seashell lamp, table lamps, night lights

Sea Urchin LED Light

Sea Urchin Light, Seashell Light, LED Light, Urchin, Seashell, Pink Sea Urchin, Sputnick Urchin

Seashell Jewelry & Pendants

seashell jewelry, earrings, necklace

Seashell Boxes & Trinkets

seashell jewelry box, shell boxes

Seashell Night Lights, Lamps

seashell night light, seashell lamps, lamp

Christmas Ornaments

starfish ornament, seashell ornaments, Christmas ornaments, beach shell ornament

Shark Jaw & Dried Sealife

(Seahorse, Crab, Puffer Fish, Urchin)

shark jaw, puffer fish, urchin, seahorse

Craft Sand

(White, Colored, Shimmer Sand)

craft sand, bulk sand, shimmer sand, colored sand

Seashell Flowers

(Rose, Tulips, Trees, etc)

seashell flowers, shell rose

Seashell Leis

(cowries, seashells)

cowrie shell necklace, cowrie leis, seashell leis

Abalone & Sage

(polished sea shells & natural shells)

Abalone Seashells, Polished Seashells

Nautilus & Murex Shells

(polished shells & natural seashells)

Pearl Nautilus Seashell, Sliced Nautilus, Nautilus

Capiz Shells, Seashell Strands

(natural, drilled, round, square)

Capiz Seashells, Bulk Capiz Shells, Drilled Capiz

Wholesale Craft Supply

(German glitter, sand, glitter, mica flake) 

glitter, mica flake, craft supplies, wholesale craft supply


(Arrowhead, Florida sanddollar, round dollars, seabiscuits, octagon sanddollar)

bulk sanddollars, wholesale sanddollars, Florida Sand Dollars

Starfish, Sea Stars, Stands

(whitefinger, sugarstarfish, Atlantic, etc)

bulk starfish, white finger starfish, sugar starfish


Starfish & Sanddollars (BULK)

(Atlantic Starfish, WhiteFinger Starfish, Round Sand Dollars, Arrowhead, Pacific sanddollars) 


bulk starfish, bulk sanddollars, wholesale sanddollars, white finger starfish 


Dried Sealife

(reef crab, puffer fish, fish, sea whip, porcupine fish, seahorse, urchin, shark)        

seahorse, dried seahorse, dried sealife

sea whip, coral, barnacle, sea fans

Real Coconut Shells, Cups

natural coconut, whole coconuts, coconut cups

Coconut Drinking Cups

coconut drinking cup, coconut cups, coconut cup, coconut shell

Sea Urchins, Shark, Seahorse

purple sea urchin, dried sealife

Sputnick Urchin, Pink Sea Urchin, Green Urchins

sputnick sea urchins, knobby sea urchin, purple sea urchin, wholesale sea urchins, dried sea urchin

Tarpon Springs Sponge

dried sponge, decorative sponge, bulk yellow sponge, sponges

Natural Body & Facial Sponges

Body Sponge, Natural Sponge, Facial Sponge, Wool Sponge, Sponges

Seashell Animals, Novelty

seashell animals, seashell novelty, shell novelties, seashell turtles, shell turtle

Nautical Decoration

(fish nets, floats, drift wood)

nautical glass floats, glass floats net

Corks, Net, Ship's Wheel, Knot Chart 

 nautical knot chart, nautical, home decoration

Seaglass, Cultured Sea Glass, Glass Chips & Pendants

(sea glass pebbles, beads, earrings)

seaglass beads, sea glass pendants, seaglass, sea glass

Wholesale Seaglass, Bulk Seaglass


Bulk Seaglass, Colored Seaglass, Wholesale Sea Glass, seaglass


Shell Decoration

(tropical, beach, coastal home decoration, table decoration, ornaments, wall decor, wedding)

Starfish Ornaments 

Home  & Beach House Decoration

(Seashell Wreaths, Driftwood Decor)

seashell wreath, starfish wreath, beach home decoration, seashell decor



Nautical, Bamboo, Beach Home Decoration, Movie Props

nautical decoration, bamboo wall decoration, beach home, seashell decor



 Mixed Seashells

(cockle, fig, pectin, abalone, cowrie, clam, haliotis, heart , wedding white)

wholesale seashells, bulk seashells, cockle shells 

Seashell Packs

seashell pack, shell packs, seashells



Seashells (Bulk, Wholesale)

(Babylonia, Cowries, Scallop, Limpet, Craft Shells: cut, drilled...)

wholesale seashells, bulk seashells, scallop, baking shells, pecten, seashells

Clam Shells

(Tridacna, Codakia, Cockles...)

Tridacna Elongata, Clam Shells, Seashells, Wholesale Seashells


(lucky heart seabean, brown sea bean, hamburger, drilled)

lucky sea beans, heart beans, seabeans

Sea Urchin Spines

(Great for Crafts, Nautical Decor, Wind Chimes, Jewelry, and other Seashell Art)

Sea Urchins, Tiger Sea Urchin, Urchin Spines, Dried Sealife, Wholesale Urchin

Plastic Sea Creatures

(turtles, seahorse, fish, crab, seashells) 

plastic sea creatures, plastic seashells, plastic fish, plastic turtles, ceramic wall decor

Seashell Home Decoration

(mirrors, wall decor, kitchen decor)

seashell mirror, seashell decoration, seashell home decoration, beach home decor

Seashell & Starfish Door Hangers, Coastal Home Decor

white starfish door hanger, starfish home decor, seashell decoration, swag

Tropical, Coastal & Beach

Home Decor

(wall hooks, pictures, wall decor)

wall hooks, wall hook, seashell home decoration, wall decoration

Seashell, Starfish Wreaths

White Finger Starfish, Seashell Wreath, Wreath, Starfish Wreath, Coastal Decor


Specimen Seashells

(Triton, Syrinx, Gigas)

specimen seashells, syrinx aurinaus shell, seashells, large shells

Trochus and Pearlized SeashellsTrochus Seashells, Pearl Seashells, Pearlized Seashells, Turbo Shells, Seashells Wholesale

Seashell Wind Chimes & Capiz Chandeliers

seashell windchimes, shell chime, capiz chandelier, seashell windchime

polished seashells, MOP shells, Carved Seashells

nautical decoration, fish net, nautical knots, rope, glass floats, nautical

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